Benefits of Social Recruiting

Social media has taken off over the last decade.  To find great talent, it’s crucial that your business utilize every tool that presents itself to you.  Social recruiting puts your organization in the mix, enabling you to identify candidates who you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.  The benefits of social media give you the ability to:


  • Find Hard To Reach Candidates
    • Social media allows you to find passive candidates that you might not be able to reach otherwise


  • Reach Higher Quality Candidates
    • Candidates who have the tendency of frequently using social networks are often innovative and technologically savvy. They tend to be quick learners, who are able to hit the ground running in an organization


  • Increase ROI
    • Using social media as a way to get exposure will help to dramatically reduce sourcing costs and increase ROI
    • Posting and sharing job openings on LinkedIn or Facebook not only offers brand exposure of your company, but it also is more likely to deliver results than a single description on a job board


  • Persuade Candidates
    • When your company establishes an online presence, you send a positive message to potential candidates
    • Be the employer of choice; you want to be the type of company that candidates want to work for. Social media allows you to spread the message across social networks and enables you to magnify your brand and message


How to get started

It is imperative that you have at least a basic understanding of how to best leverage the social networking sites.  It can seem overwhelming at first, but the benefit of learning how to network on social media will absolutely yield results.  Of course, you want to take some time thinking about your objectives.

According to the Human Capital Institute, there is a seven- step thought process that you should go through before you start social recruiting.

  1. What are your organization’s overall corporate goals
  2. What does your workforce plan look like in relation to those corporate goals?
  3. Where do you have talent gaps based on your workforce plan?
  4. What kinds of technology are attractive to the types of candidates you need?
  5. What level of resource commitment are you willing to make?
  6. How will you keep your content fresh?
  7. When do you start?


Once you have answered all these questions, you can follow these next steps to plan and launch Social Recruiting.


  • Establish a plan

The answers to the seven-simple questions above will be the foundation of your social recruiting plan.  Use the above questions to identify what sites and tools you will use, as well as how much time to spend on social media.


  • Check your brand image

Search the internet for your company name or open jobs and see who is promoting your jobs.  In doing this, you will get a good indication as to what is being said about your company/open jobs.  You can use this information to control how candidates perceive your brand.  You will want to continuously monitor your brand image as you build your social media recruiting program.


  • Engage with potential candidates

You will want to actively participate in your social networks by establishing a dialogue with potential candidates.  Build rapport, set your company up for marketing success.  It’s crucial that your company is perceived as transparent, professional and approachable.