5 Ways Recruiters Increase Company Profits

To have a solid business, it is crucial to have a great team of employees who are dedicated not only to their individual success, but also to the success of the company.


  • How do you find the time to identify new hires?
  • More importantly, how can you confidently find candidates who have all the skills needed to do the job at hand?
  • How can you be sure you’re hiring reliable professionals who are going to be a good asset to the team?

The most important thing you can do for your business is work a recruiting firm to ensure you are maximizing your company’s success.  A highly-competitive labor market is forcing employers to consider new and creative ways to find qualified candidates.


  1. Recruiters Attract The Best Candidates For The Job

Your businesses livelihood depends on finding great employees.  Great employees decrease your expenses and/or increase your revenue.  This combination, improves your profitability. Why mess with that makes your business a success?  Recruiters partner with you to find the best candidates to achieve your company goals.  A quality recruitment team can interview upwards of 20 candidates per day after sifting through hundreds of resumes, so you can be assured that you’ll be getting the most qualified, responsible and professional candidates for the job when you agree to an interview with one they hand select based on your criterion. A recruiter specializes in finding serious career-minded people, the kind of achievers who aren’t interested in limited or dead-end positions.


  1. Recruiters Define & Describe The Position Best (So You Don’t Have To!)

The use of professional recruiters will help you identify exactly what you’re looking in the position.  As a business owner or C-level executive, you may not always know exactly what you want, but you do know what you don’t want in a candidate.  A skilled recruiter will walk you through the details of the position, and hone in on how that translates into a detailed job description that will attract the exact match you are looking for.  Through knowledge of the market gained from conversations with candidates and hiring managers in your industry, a skilled recruiter can coach you on whether your needs for the position are realistic or not.  This alone, can be the missing link to having a successful hire or an early termination.  Recruiters can also coach the cost of the talent you need, so you can plan your budget to include human capital.


  1. Recruiters Save Staff Time & Money

Recruiters give your business the ability to leverage time effectively.  As someone who runs a company, wouldn’t you rather focus on what you’re good at, rather than just something you have access to?  Work on your business and not in it.  A quality firm will save you the time and leg work so you can focus on running your company.  Think about how much you make per hour…is it really the best use of your salary to create an advertisement, research which channel to advertise, comb through hundreds of resumes, screen out any one that may not be able to contribute to your organization, and then interview?  If you don’t use a recruiter, it will ultimately cost your company more money than you originally anticipated.  Do you really want your senior managers and leaders spending their valuable time on a treasure hunt for talent?  Are you sure you know what their time is worth?  Add the benefits and overhead to their hourly wage, suddenly recruiters look like a steal.  It’s amazing how much money can be saved by working with Talent Acquisition Specialists.


  1. Recruiters Know Where To Look For Talent (And How To Attract Talent)

Recruiters have the tools in their arsenal to find and identify both active and passive job seekers.  Many have an expert understanding of the motivation factors that candidates aren’t expressing directly, thereby turning those hidden motivators into selling tactics for why you are the only company they should be interested in applying to. Due to fostering long term relationships based on shared experiences, recruiters are less likely to lose the best candidates.


  1. Recruiters Provide Ongoing Relationships

An ongoing relationship with your recruiter is just as important as having a good relationship with your attorney, banker or insurance agent. Good recruiters are particularly valuable if you have frequent hiring needs. If the recruiter is already familiar with your company, they should be able to respond much more quickly to your needs. Good recruiters keep up with industry trends, employee benefits, compensation and personnel planning. Recruiters are more likely to give their best clients the best service, even on smaller assignments.  The top-tier recruiters, will also let you know of a candidate that, based on what they know about your organization, may be too good NOT to hire.  When a relationship is needed, it’s too late to build one and a great recruiter never passes up a great relationship.


Recruiters Increase Your Profits!